Concept – Our approach:

Given our own distinctive creative duality we essentially offer a multifaceted approach to every project. Our concepts usually propose an overall strategy to complement the architecture and environment for its occupants and visitors.

We are able contribute to technical design suggestions in relation to architectural or structural elements to support and complement our projects. We can enlist production expertise from our wide range of highly skilled craftsmen if required and work within ecological considerations and the necessary health, safety and building regulations.

Extensive experience working with these mediums also enables us to offer clients maximum value from available funds.


Our Understanding of:

  • The expectations of the Client and any existing architect or design team.
  • The process of learning, adapting or adjusting to the project requirements.
  • The existence of any structural, environmental or budget restraints involved.


Our Analysis of:

  • The Space, Light, and Function of the site.
  • The architectural/environmental plans and drawings.
  • The feeling of ‘Place’.
  • The scope of the available budget.
  • The requirement of samples.


Our approach to:

  • The formulation of ideas relating to the site and brief.
  • The given information and assessment of site.
  • The investigation and research for relevant information.

Design Development

Our Process:

  • The assessment and usage of collected information.
  • The presentation of initial design proposals to the Client/Design team.
  • The preparation of samples to explain and clarify our proposals.
  • The inclusion of relevant feedback from client meetings.

Design Development

Our technical process:

  • Preparatory site survey and confirmation of dimensions.
  • Implementing Client/Architect feedback.
  • Modification of initial design proposals.
  • Adapting the requirements of glass technology to structural design.
  • Presentation of the final design proposal and technical drawings.
  • Final costs definition.


Our methods:

  • Working in long established associations with our teams of specialists to aid production.
  • With innovative uses of glass and other materials in our response to the space.
  • Combining incisive design with multiple techniques and high quality craftsmanship.


Our supervision:

  • We employ Specialist Glass Art Glaziers to work on site under our supervision.